Our Organization

HKUD "Kralj Zvonimir" was founded in 1985 at the Croatian Franciscan Center in Norval, Ontario with the aim to provide the gathering place for the youth and to contribute to their upbringing in the spirit of Croatian culture and faith. Today the goal of the group is to contribute to the promotion of Croatian language and culture through song and dance, and the transfer of Croatian culture and traditions on to younger generations.

Currently the group has 100 registered members from the age of 5 to 18.

We are a non profit organization that funds itself through membership fees and grassroots fundraising such as bake sales, annual concert and banquet, annual raffle. We are run solely by volunteers and all the money raised goes towards purchasing costumes, instruments and instructor fees. 

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what does hkud "kralj zvonimir" mean?

HKUD stands for Hrvatsko Kulturno Umjetnicko Drustvo, or in literal English translation, as Croatian Cultural and Artistic Society. Kralj Zvonimir means King Zvonimir and he was the last Croatian king. 

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who was kralj zvonimir?

Kralj Dmitar Zvonimir (King Demetrius Zvonimir) was the last Croatian king. He ruled 11th century Croatia and is known for bringing peace and prosperity to the Croatian lands. After his death, and due to his marriage to a Hungarian princess Helen the Beautiful and lack of a heir, a succession crisis emerged and Croatian people lost their independence.